Dog ‘Accidentally’ Drops Toys Into The Pool So He Can Go For A Swim To ‘Rescue’ Them

In our homes, it is usually the cats who are the master manipulators. They get us to wait on them hand and foot.

We never think of our dogs as being anything other than perfect little companions who are loyal to a fault. However, that is not always the case.

Besides knowing just how to use their big, puppy-dog eyes to score some table scraps, dogs are actually a lot smarter than we think. And they know precisely what they’re doing, and how to get just what they want.

Photo: Pixabay

Apparently, this pooch in the video below just wants to spend all day swimming in the pool.

As caught on video, this particular dog has a smart system that allows him to go into the pool without consequence. He uses his toys to create a scenario in which he has to rescue them after “accidentally” dropping them in the water.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

As clever as he may be, his owners are onto him given the text that appears in the video.

The owner explains that this dog likes to pretend his toys have gotten away from him by accident, and after they’ve floated just the right distance, the dog jumps in after them and enjoys a sneaky swim to fish them out.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

As the owner explained, the dog would do this the entire day if he was allowed, which is why the family has to make sure that any of the dog’s toys outside are properly stored away.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of this video? Has your dog ever done something similar? Let us know!

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