Adorable Dog Attempts To Do Yoga Between Two Couches

The pandemic has caused many of us to neglect our exercise routines. When you never seem to have anywhere to go, it can be hard to summon the effort needed to stay in shape. This is a struggle that we know all too well, as many of us struggle to shed “the COVID 19” pounds before summer.

Bruiser the dog is going through it right now and our heart goes out to him. Now that summer is rolling around, we would all like to get back to being in the best shape of our lives. Bruiser is no different in this regard, despite being a dog, but he seems to be getting back into things quite nicely.

In a video shared on YouTube, Bruiser can be seen practicing yoga between two couches. From the looks of it, Bruiser is rather experienced in the upward-facing dog pose, which is quite ironic considering he’s a dog. The pose entails being on all fours and pressing your hips down while pressing up with your arms and opening your chest.

Photo: flickr/yoga mama

If you have ever done yoga before, you know how hard this one position can be. The fact that the dog can nail it so easily has us a bit jealous.

Beyond just performing the pose well, Bruiser actually does it with an added challenge: He’s off the ground, doing the post between two couches!

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His humans seem to think that he is just hanging out in a supremely uncomfortable position, in the manner that dogs are known for. In their words, he is “just chillin’ pretending he’s a bridge.”


Whether Bruiser is merely having some “chill time” or trying to get some exercise done, it’s clear that he’s mastering it.

Watch the adorable dog hanging out in upward-facing dog in the video below: