Dog Dies In Car After Pet Sitter Took Him For A Walk During A Heatwave

A Gloucester, England dog mom is devastated after her beloved dog, Banjo, died in the care of a pet sitter.

Andrea Brown left her two Bernese Mountain dogs, Banjo and Bisto, in the care of a dog walker who she found on Rover and had used “several” times before.

Because of the heatwave happening across England at the time, Andrea allegedly told the dog sitter to let the dogs out in the garden instead of taking them on a regular walk.

Photo: flickr/Richard Szwejkowski

However, the sitter loaded both dogs into their car and drove them to town. According to Gloucestershire Live, Banjo was found dead in the sitter’s car shortly after.

Speaking with the news outlet, Andrea explained:

“The dog sitter had called me all in a panic to say Banjo has collapsed. I asked where they were and I was told in town.

I could not believe what I was hearing and asked why they walked the dogs into town and they said to me they had taken the dogs in a car into town. I heard nothing then until the vets called me to tell me my dog was dead.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Andrea added that the sitter was supposed to check on her dogs and let them out around 8 pm but they’d showed up early and took the dogs to town instead, which is something Andrea hasn’t gotten answers about yet.

She said, “The dog sitter was meant to come in around 8pm to let them out so I don’t even know why they were out with my dogs in the first place.”

Photo: Pixabay/ArtTower

Andrea still doesn’t know exactly what happened to Banjo, but according to Gloucestershire Live, the incident is being investigated by the local police along with the RSPCA.

Additionally, Rover has removed the pet sitter from its platform.

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