Man Builds A Machine That Alerts Him Whenever A Dog Walks By The House

We’ve all been in some form of quarantine going on for more than a year now. As a proud introvert and natural homebody, I can honestly say that even I’m struggling with the situation.

Being stuck inside for so long isn’t easy. We’ve all had to find ways of coping with the stagnant feel of life.

For some of us, that has meant taking on DIY projects around the house. For others, it has meant throwing ourselves into our passion projects and hobbies.

Photo: YouTube/Ryder Calm Down

But for one YouTuber, Ryder, it has meant building a dog-detector.

You read that correctly. Ryder built himself a dog-detector, which is basically a machine that alerts him to a dog walking past his home.

Photo: YouTube/Ryder Calm Down

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It was meant to make sure he never misses a chance to see a dog, but that isn’t the end of his project. He also put a megaphone up so that he can complement the accompanying dog owners by telling them, “I like your dog.”

Photo: YouTube/Ryder Calm Down

As he explained on his YouTube channel, “Quarantine isn’t great, but looking at dogs makes me feel better. So I built a machine that notifies me when a dog passes in front of my house so I can go look at it.”

Watch the video below:

What are your thoughts on Ryder’s invention? Is it cute, clever, or a tad bit too much? Let us know!

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