Helpful Pup Delivers Messages For Married Couple

We all realize that dogs are awesome but some dogs do things that other dogs may not be able to do. The funny thing about it is, they do it naturally and we don’t typically give it much thought until it affects us personally.

That is where Doughnut comes in.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

According to Caters Clips, when doughnut was only three days old, he was abandoned with his mother and eight other puppies. 12 weeks later, he was rescued by Harriet Lowther and given a beautiful forever home.

It seems as if Doughnut wants to do what he can to help out and he wants to pay Heather back for the kindness she showed. The funny thing is, he does it in ways that you would have a hard time believing.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

Doughnut helps out with almost everything around the home. He closes doors that are left open, picks up the laundry, and even delivers messages between the home office and the house. He’s absolutely brilliant!

Dogs can be taught to do almost anything but very few of us take the time necessary to teach our beloved dog some of the finer tricks that Doughnut seems to be able to do naturally. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that we don’t have to so we typically don’t.

Photo: YouTube/Caters Clips

One thing is sure, when you see Doughnut in action, you can’t help but be amazed at what he is capable of doing. Harriet really found a diamond in the rough and it is something beautiful to see.

In fact, you have the opportunity to see it for yourself in this amazing video:

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