Hero Dog Needs Stitches After Defending Family Against Mountain Lion

Dogs will always be out most loyal companions. They have proved it time and time again throughout the years as we constantly hear stories of heroic dogs.

Another such story pertains to a very brave pit bull named Rocky, who took on a mountain lion to defend his family.

The fearless pooch took on the giant cat outside his family’s home in La Verne, California, right near the edge of the Angeles National Forest.

Photo: Pixabay/lokalsportessen

The entire ordeal was captured on the family’s surveillance video cameras, and it shows little Rocky chasing after the big cat that is three times his size. But as brave as he was, he wasn’t able to get away unscathed. Rocky ended up getting badly injured, sustaining wounds that required 30 stitches.

Rocky’s owner, Mary Padres, recalled the ordeal, stating, “The mountain lion was looking right at me. It was huge.”

In that moment, Rocky sprang into action, defending his owner by chasing after the big cat and pursuing it out of the backyard and up into the hills behind their home.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

Padres added, “The whole reason he went after the mountain lion was to make sure I’m OK.”

Despite knowing the potential dangers, as the mouton lion could still be hiding out in the vicinity, Padres knew she had to go after Rocky and bring him home. The whole Padres family got their flashlights and went out to look for their heroic pup, calling his name in the dark. That is when they found him, bleeding and injured from eight big puncture wounds, and rushed him back home to get him medical attention.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

His injuries were quite significant, as Padres shared with CBS LA that they “saw the hole all the way down to his brain.” Despite how badly he was injured, it was fully expected for the canine hero to make a full recovery.

In the aftermath, the California Fish and Wildlife were investigating the attack in order to determine whether or not the animal was a threat to the community.

Watch the video below:

The Padres family set up a GoFundMe to raise money for Rocky’s life-saving surgery. Not only did they meet their goal of $3,000 but exceeded it!

They announced on GoFundMe that Rocky is already well on his way to recovery, and shared a post-surgery photo:

Photo: GoFundMe

Rocky is a true hero! We’re so glad he’s on the mend.

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