Stray Dog Dad Waits Outside Vet Clinic While Mom Gives Birth To Puppies

When a mom goes into the hospital to give birth, she often has someone to support her, such as a friend or the dad of the baby. However, the same isn’t usually true in the animal kingdom.

When dogs usually give birth, they do so alone.

But for a stray dog in Brazil, she was supported by the dad of her puppies while he waited outside the hospital.

Photo: Instagram/vetcampogrande

According to the Instagram video below, a security camera captured the moment a stray mama dog walked to the front of a veterinarian’s office. Staff could tell she was very pregnant, so they took her inside and she promptly gave birth.

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While she was inside giving birth, the dad of the puppies patiently waited outside for her.

Photo: Instagram/vetcampogrande
Photo: Instagram/vetcampogrande

They named the mama dog Amiga and were happy to report that she gave birth to six healthy puppies. They’re not sure how she knew to go to the veterinarian hospital for care, but she definitely did the right thing.

Now, all 8 dogs are awaiting their forever homes.

Photo: Pixabay/Incredibull_Photos

They can live out the rest of their days off the street and with a family that loves them.

Brazil is full of stray dogs, and life on the streets isn’t always easy. It’s nice to see this beautiful canine family getting a chance at a better life.

Watch the sweet video below:

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