Family Reunites With Irish Wolfhound After A Car Accident Separated Them

As a kid, my family dog was known around the neighborhood as an “escape artist.” It wasn’t unusual to be greeted by her wagging tail when I got off the school bus after a long day. Eventually, she outgrew her rebel streak — and her safety was never in any danger. But to many, a lost dog can be a nerve-wracking and derailing experience. Concerns over safety, separation, and your pet’s well-being can be overwhelming.

For one Nashville couple, these fears became reality. One Saturday night in late January, Mickey and Meredith McKay were rear-ended at an intersection, while their 4-year-old Irish Wolfhound Fergus was in the back seat. After the initial shock, Mickey quickly noticed that Fergus had fled the scene through a broken car window. “We turned around. The dog was gone. He’s never been outside of our backyard, so you know it’s uncertain if he’d be able to find his way back home,” McKay told News4 Nashville.


Immediately, the couple was frantic. While neither Meredith nor Mickey was physically injured in the crash, they couldn’t be sure that Fergus was safe. Broken glass on the road left him in danger of painful cuts, and in the confusion of the moment, he was running away from his family. When they lost sight of him, the 200-pound dog with a shaggy gray coat had been limping. Dashcam footage from an uninvolved driver showed the moments after the crash, and Fergus’s stunned reaction:

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**FERGUS IS HOME!!!**A passerby caught dashcam footage of Fergus running off immediately after the accident. As you can see on the right side of the video, it appears he fell out of the car upon impact. We’re not giving up our search. Please keep spreading the word.If you spot him, call 203-858-9837.

Posted by Meredith Luckett on Sunday, January 31, 2021

The McKays quickly busied themselves with finding Fergus — news stations broadcast his picture, and a Facebook page with information about the missing dog quickly gathered hundreds of shares. The couple was unsure if they’d ever see Fergus again, and as the days continued to pass without any word, their hope grew faint.

One suspected sighting of Fergus lead Mickey to drive from Tennessee to Ohio – over 400 miles – in hopes of reuniting with their “baby.” Frustratingly, Fergus was nowhere to be found. But the couple’s efforts were gradually paying off, and the community was rallying around them. “So many friends and strangers [were] just giving up their time, energy, and effort. And passion. They were out, determined to find him,” Mickey McKay told HLN.

After four days out in the cold, Fergus was found! Fortunately, aside from his slight limp, he was healthy and recovered not far from the scene of the crash. The experience of losing him was stressful and painful, but this time, the story had a happy ending. The McKays were overjoyed during the reunion, as was Fergus, who excitedly cried at the sight of his family.


Check out the full video below:

Posted by Meredith Luckett on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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