Dog Comforts Street Singer After No One Would Stop To Listen

Life can be difficult when you are an aspiring artist struggling to make a living by performing on the street.

Sometimes, you might get a handout that will pay for your next meal, but at other times, you just need a hug to get you from one moment to the next.

That fact is clearly seen with a street artist name Anderson who is trying his best to make it as a musician. He was in Columbia performing near a busy intersection and someone started shooting a video out of a nearby apartment.

Photo: YouTube/WARA RICO

As Anderson sang to everyone at the traffic light, nobody seemed to be paying any attention.

Anderson walked to the side of the road, dejected, when the light turned green. He might’ve felt down for a moment, but when he got to his dog and they shared a special moment together. I’m sure that it seemed as if all the cares in the world went away.

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Photo: YouTube/WARA RICO

After seeing what happened to Anderson, the man shooting the video, Wara, went down to talk to him.

He invited the man and his dog to his house so that he could get to know him and perhaps learn a little something in the process.

Although Wara could have simply enjoyed the moment that he was seeing out of his window, he decided to do much more. He made sure that Anderson was able to get to a veterinarian with the dog he had on the street, as well as his other dog, Negrita. Both of the dogs were healthy but he still wanted to do more for Anderson. That is when he went on social media to share his story.

Photo: Instagram/rebelmusic23

Wara gave Anderson more of a voice, getting him into a recording studio and providing him with an opportunity to sing for thousands of people online.

It seems as if it did a lot of good because Anderson’s life has turned around and he considers everything that he got to be a blessing.

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