Dog Chases Owner With Garden Hose

I don’t think my dog ever played with a garden hose. Instead, she was always a little cautious of it, since she knew water came out of it and she was quite precious about getting wet herself.

I think it’s safe to assume most dogs are like that. They know that their owners will sometimes want to play a little trick on them – especially in summer – and gently spritz them with some water from the hose. And for the most part, they’ll steer clear when the hose is in use.

But for one black lab, it was all about revenge.

Photo: flickr/Michael Shick

One warm summer day, the dog was outside playing around with his owner. The dog’s owner has the hose and is using it to spray down the dog.

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The dog must’ve had enough, or just thought it was only fair to switch places because it managed to get the hose away from its owner. And that is when revenge became oh so sweet!

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

The big boy is seen in the video chasing after his owner with the hose on full blast. Water cascades into the air as the owner tries to get away and avoid getting wet, but his pooch is right on his heels.

Hopefully he’s not wearing anything made of silk!

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

But by the looks of it, this black dog is certainly enjoying how the tables have turned, and we can’t stop laughing!

Watch the playfulness in the video below:

What do you think? Has your dog ever stolen your garden hose? Let us know!

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