People Are Making Charcuterie Boards For Their Dogs

We all love a good charcuterie board. Nothing says “I’m a fancy snacker” like a well-constructed charcuterie board.

It’s simple, but when done right, can be quite filling. Not to mention, they’re pretty delicious as well – always packed with a variety of cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts, crackers, and dips. It’s the type of snack that we often make to impress guests or to enjoy with friends over a glass of wine or two. There are even dessert versions as well, though nothing beats the original savory ones.

While humans get to enjoy a nice charcuterie board, our dogs usually sit close by, watching us with their big brown eyes – begging us to share a nibble. Sadly for them, charcuterie boards aren’t exactly something that should be shared with our pets. But now, thanks to social media, there is a brand new take on the classic charcuterie boards – and they are of great benefit to our pets as well.

If you were to search on Instagram, you’d find that there are plenty of dog owners who have taken to showing off their dog-friendly culinary creations. And we absolutely love them! These doggie charcuterie boards are chock full of dog treats and meats, as well as eggs in some cases. The boards are quite artfully prepared in many photos – something that won’t last long once the dogs have their way with them.

Check out some of the incredible doggie spreads down below:

1. Presentation is everything

2. Birthday boy

3. Tennis ball not included

4. Someone is patiently waiting to dig in

5. Massive spread

6. This good boy just can’t wait

What do you think of these charcuterie boards? Would you make one for your dogs? Let us know!

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