Rescuers Race To Save Dog Who Almost Died After Being Chained Up Outside On Scorching Day

Like much of the Midwest, Ohio regularly experiences summer temperatures upwards of 80 degrees. But this didn’t stop one Lake County family from chaining their one-year-old Pit Bull mix, Penny, outside for the whole day without water, food, or shade. By the end of the day, the young dog was struggling to stand up and even breathe.

Not so surprisingly, veterinarians diagnosed the young dog with an extreme case of heat stroke, triggering both dehydration and serious kidney and liver problems. These potentially deadly issues can be directly linked back to Penny’s owner, whose reckless, careless, and negligent actions almost caused this young dog to lose her life.

Photo: Lake Humane Society

The dog has since been surrendered to the Lake Humane Society, which has vowed to remedy the heartbreaking neglect inflicted by Penny’s former owner. “Penny is only around 1 year old and still has so much life to live,” rescuers wrote on their website, describing the poor dog as weak, underweight, and doing her best to adjust to her new surroundings.

Even so, Penny — who still struggles to walk — seems to recognize these new humans have her best interests at heart. “We already know she loves belly rubs and spending time with people who care,” they wrote.

Photo: Lake Humane Society

Unfortunately, it won’t be easy or cheap to nurse this very sick girl back to good health. Penny is already on antibiotics, liver medications, and special kidney food, but rescuers believe they’ll need an additional $2,000 for more medications, prescription food, radiographs, and examinations/lab work.

If the dog’s blood work remains high, Penny will also need an ultrasound, x-rays, and additional medical care. Along with her mounting medical bills, Penny needs to be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and undergo other basic procedures her former owner never bothered to deal with.

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Recently, there was a video shared on social media that exposed a Pit Bull Terrier mix (now named Penny) in great…

Posted by Lake Humane Society on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Please donate to Penny’s medical fund if you are able. 100 percent of your donation will help this poor girl get the lifesaving care she needs to overcome this terrible ordeal and, when she’s ready,find the loving family she deserves in an adoptive home!

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