Very Good Dog Breaks Up Cat Fight

Cats and dogs don’t always get along, but one peace-loving Golden Retriever has gained a huge level of virtual respect for not just co-mingling with his feline brethren, but helping to avert a neighborhood cat fight.

A recent video posted by Deathakissaway on Reddit shows a striped white cat slowly creeping across a darkened parking lot. Its hard to see what s/he’s hunting at first, but as the camera slowly pans out, we see another cat in its sights.

Photo: Reddit/deathakissaway

It’s very clear that there’s about to be a showdown. Both cats has assumed a defensive posture, and the white cat is clearly readying him or herself for attack. But right at the moment that flying fur feel inevitable, a Golden Retriever emerges from the shadows.

At first, the cat doesn’t seem to notice the dog has taken hold of its lead. It continues to move towards the other cat, but the dog has quietly secured the cat’s harness. The white cat clearly wants to proceed with this cat fight, but the dog is equally determined to deescalate the showdown. He deftly pulls the animals apart, so much so that it appears he’s played this role before!

Photo: Flickr/deathakissaway

You can watch this adorable video for yourself below. We wish our dogs and cats played this nicely!

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