What This Bereaved Dog Carries Through the Streets Will Melt Your Heart

Life as a stray dog can be incredibly difficult. Stray dogs are often forced to scavenge for food and water, which can be a daily struggle. They may be constantly on the move, searching for shelter and safety from the elements, other animals, and even humans.

Stray dogs are also at a greater risk of disease, injury, and abuse, as they lack the protection and care that comes with a stable home environment. While some strays manage to survive on the streets, for many stray dogs, life is a constant struggle.

Photo: Pexels/Gomez Daniel

One poor pup in Detroit, Michigan was faced with not only living life as a stray dog, but also grieving her owner who’d passed away.

South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery shared a photo of the dog, Nikki, on Facebook, explaining that her owner had passed away and she was dumped on the streets with nothing but her favorite stuffed animal.

The animal recovery group added in the comments that someone in the neighborhood had been feeding the dog after she was dumped but no one would take her in.

Thankfully, help was called and Nikki was trapped and transferred to the care of Almost Home Animal Rescue.

The South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery shared an update saying that Nikki tested positive for heartworms and needed extensive medical care and testing. While the rescue is getting her health needs taken care of, it won’t be cheap or easy.

Beyond her physical health issues, Nikki was also suffering emotionally from her loss and time on the streets. Thankfully, she still has her stuffy to keep her comfort.

Photo: Facebook/South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery

According to Channel 4 News, Nikki is currently recovering in a foster home. The family fostering her plans to adopt her, so hopefully she’ll get her happily ever after.

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