Dog Was Allegedly Buried Alive But Dug Himself Out Of His Own Grave

As responsible pet owners, we do what we can to care for the animals that share our homes. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t have that same sense of responsibility.

In fact, some people do cruel things that are unspeakable, and reports are that a German Shepherd named Kiryusha experienced such things.

Paws Planet reports that the dog was given a fatal injection and then buried alive. According to the report, the seven-month-old dog was able to survive the injection, however, as well as being buried.

Photo: YouTube/PAWS NATION

The report states that he dug himself out of his own grave, which is an amazing feat.

The report went on to say that the dog began searching for help as soon as he was free from the grave. That help came in the form of a 39-year-old woman, named Olga Listseva who happened to be driving by.

Photo: Unsplash

According to Metro, she was on that road in northern Russia when she saw the dog walking in the rain.

At first, she continued to drive, but she couldn’t get the dog out of her mind. That is when she turned her car around and did the right thing.

Photo: YouTube/PAWS NATION

What Olga saw when she got back to the dog was a helpless animal that needed assistance. She offered the dog a ride in her back seat and gave him some food. She was still 93 miles from home, and the dog slept for the entire trip.

According to Metro, after returning home, Olga got in touch with Kind City, a dog rescue service and they shared pictures online to try to find the owners. It was assumed that the dog was lost.

Photo: YouTube/PAWS NATION

As reports started to come in, they found out that the dog was from the town of Emva and they were able to locate and contact the owners. What they learned was that the pet was abandoned because they called him “unhealthy” and they even admitted that they injected the dog with a lethal drug.

Apparently, they then buried the dog along the highway, but it seems that the dog was able to dig himself out of his own grave.

Photo: YouTube/PAWS NATION

Hearing that Kiryusha was suffering from health problems, they ran some medical tests with a veterinarian. Kind City found out that the dog was only suffering from exposure and hunger.

The owners of the dog did apologize for their actions, but the dog was not returned. Kiryusha is now starting a new life and waiting for his forever home.

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