Dog Comforts Baby Sister By Bringing Her His Favorite Toy

Nick and Hayley Elliott were excited to welcome a baby girl into their lives in early July. They were hoping their Doberman pinscher, Tommy, would also be welcoming and excited of the new baby, though they weren’t sure how he’d react.

Tommy had been with the Elliotts for two years and he always demonstrated loyalty and care towards his owners, so they hoped that same loyalty would also be shown to the newest member of the home.

They shared with The Dodo that he’d always been good around kids. Nick explained, “He gets down to their level and just lies with them, letting them stroke him. He is so gentle and careful — it must be a natural instinct.” Even so, having a baby in the house is a bit different than visiting with kids from other families.

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Thankfully, Tommy and the new baby, Macie, had a successful first meeting and their relationship only continued to grow as the days went on.

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Nick shared on Facebook, “What an amazing boyo Tommy has been! He LOVES Macie so much!
Going to be besties for life!”

When he shared the sentiment on Facebook, he had no idea just how accurate he’d be.

It wasn’t long after that baby Macie was crying in her pram for some milk. Hayley walked off to the kitchen to warm up a bottle and when she returned, she discovered one of Tommy’s toys in the pram with little Macie.

Neither parent was sure how it’d managed to get there, so they played back the baby monitor and discovered the truth: Tommy had heard Macie crying and offered her his favorite toy. How sweet!

Photo: YouTube/Chef Rabab Jaffar
Photo: YouTube/Chef Rabab Jaffar

Nick shared a video of the dog’s kind actions on Facebook and it wasn’t long before it went viral.

Watch the video below:

The moment was so sweet, but it wasn’t an isolated case. Nick and Hayley later caught Tommy bringing little Macie his balls to play with and other toys.

Nick shared the moments on Facebook, and said, “The magical toy monster strikes again whilst bottle making.”

Posted by Nick Elliott on Monday, August 2, 2021

Everyone could use a big brother like Tommy!

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