Dog Brings The Mail Person A Rose To Show How Much He Loves Her

Dogs are simply the best. It seems like they live to make people happy, no matter who it might be. And one postal worker got quite the surprise when dropping off mail at one of the homes along her route. When the adorable pup in the video notices who has pulled up outside his home, he immediately gets excited and rushes over to greet the mailwoman.

But the sweet pup is not empty-handed. In the video, it’s quite apparent that he’s bringing her a little something. And from the bright pop of red, it’s clear that it’s a rose. The dog, Reggie Carl, shares a few moments of cuddles with the mailwoman. She happily accepts the floral surprise from the dog before giving him the daily mail.

Reggie waits patiently, tail still wagging, while the woman gets him the mail. Afterward, Reggie obediently brings in the mail for his owners – all with a happy spring in his step! Watch the cute video below:

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This is just too cute. We absolutely love dogs! What do you think of the video? Let us know!

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