Good Boy Spotted Bringing Home Takeout Food To His Family

There is a reason dogs get nicknamed “man’s best friend.” What other pet could you depend on to carry your MacDonald’s order for you in the middle of a global pandemic?

Meet Oliver, the adorable little Dachshund stealing hearts after a cute video of the pooch in action hit the social media sphere.

The precious little Oliver lives with his owner, Jessica Reanne Adario, in Toronto, Canada. When their city went into lockdown, Oliver was caught on camera by their neighbor, Jagger Long. When Long spotted Oliver out and about, he knew he had to capture the moment, as it was no simple stroll for Oliver. The little canine was clearly on a mission of great importance.

In what was described by Long as a fast-food “delivery” for his human, Oliver can be seen proudly carrying a large McDonald’s bag in his mouth. Clearly, this pup knew he was being such a good boy!

As Long posted, “Jessica Reanne you have one [hardworking] doggie there!”

Indeed she does.

A McDonalds delivery from my new neighbour & Uber Eats boy named Oliver on King Street West downtown Toronto. Jessica Reanne you have one harding working doggie there!IMPORTANT: For licensing and usage, contact: Join Facebook group Karma Tickets – Worldwide Sports & Concerts

Posted by Jagger Long on Sunday, March 29, 2020

While it may appear from the video that Oliver was flying solo, this was actually a two-person mission. Not pictured was Adario, walking a few paces ahead of her bag boy. The two had gone out together to pick up the food, but it was Oliver who was acting as Adario’s fast food Sherpa, carrying it on their trek back home.

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Oliver is such a good dog – she better have shared her food with him.

Adario acknowledged how good she’s got it with Oliver, writing on social media, “He’s the best. I’m very lucky to have him.”

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