Dog Breeds Most at Risk for Ear Infections

Ear infections are painful. There is no denying that. Imagine being your dog for a minute. How do you think they would feel with an ear infection? Our dogs don’t have the ability to tell us what is wrong when something is a matter in their world. And this is especially true when it comes to their health.

A dog scratches his ear.

Why Does My Dog Keep Getting Ear Infections?

If your dog is suffering from an ear infection, they rely on you, their caregiver, to get them the necessary treatment they need to heal. But did you know that your dog is at risk of developing a painful ear infection just based off of their breed?

Your dog’s ear structure says a lot about them, but it also puts them at direct risk of developing an ear infection. Your dog’s ears have an “L” shaped canal which essentially puts them in danger of retaining fluid. And those cute, floppy ears that you love to hold in your hands? That just makes matters worse for them in terms of ear infections.

Dog Breeds Prone To Ear Infections

  • Poodles
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Portuguese Water Dogs
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Bloodhound
  • Basset Hound
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Golden Retriever
  • Springer Spaniel
  • Saint Bernard
  • Newfoundland
  • Pit Bull
  • Great Dane
  • Beagle
  • Dachshund
  • Weimaraner
  • Coonhound
Photo: Flickr/Pedro Paulo Boaventura Grein

How To Prevent Dog Ear Infections

Remember, dog ear infections are unnecessary — there are preventative steps you can take to keep their ears fresh and clean. Moisture in the ears invites scary bacteria like yeast and fungus to swoop in and harm them. You need to implement a plan to keep their ears dry and breathable.

Keep Ears Clean & Dry

PawsGive Ear Wipes are ideal for any pet parent looking to keep their dog’s ears clean on a regular basis. They’re gentle with natural ingredients and super convenient. With refreshing aloe vera and eucalyptus, they will soothe your dog’s ears while wiping away debris and dirt to keep them nice and pretty. Our PawsGive Ear Wipes are perfect for everyday use and your best first step to keeping your dog’s ears free of ear infections.

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Treat Infections Before They Begin

To take things a step further when combating ear infections, PawsGive Ear Cleaner was designed by veterinarians to gently deodorize, clean, dry and acidify the ear canal. PawsGive Ear Cleaner, available in both sweet pea & vanilla and cucumber melon scent, are intended to treat your dog’s ears to prevent ear issues before they start.

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site Store


Ear infections are costly for you as their owner and miserable for your dog. Don’t make these sudden vet visits a part of your life. Treat your dog’s ears at home so that pricy trips to the vet don’t become a part of your routine. Prevention is key to giving your dog the healthy life they deserve.

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