Adult and Senior Rescue Dogs Are Getting Ready To Face Off In Dog Bowl III

There is no age, breed, or size restrictions in the most anticipated game of the year. The only requirement is that each player is a rescue dog.

Dog Bowl III will not disappoint. Animal Planet is once again hosting a friendly game of football for adult and senior rescue dogs. The goal is to shed light on overlooked senior and special needs dogs in shelters.

Photos: Animal Planet

Shelter dogs of all breeds aging from 3-14 years old will be divided into two teams, Team Oldies and Team Goldies. The teams are composed of 64 dogs that were chosen from 32 different rescues.

Photos: Animal Planet

This year’s teams will feature an array of breeds from Rottweiler to Yorkie. Some are missing limbs while others have cloudy eyes, but that doesn’t slow them down. Check out the entire roster of furry players here.

Photos: Animal Planet

Rescue dogs from around the country have been training and prepping for the big game. They will lay it all out on the field as they grab plush toys and dash for the end zone. The team to score the most touchdowns wins, but honestly they are all winners.

Photos: Animal Planet

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Don’t let the gray muzzles fool you, these furry athletes are experienced and have calculated moves. It is an event you don’t want to miss.

Photos: Animal Planet

Team Goldies will face Team Oldies on the gridiron on February 1 at 8pm ET/PT. Tune in to see who will win the Super Senior title.

Many of the players are available for adoption and their information is listed next to their photo in the roster. In past years, all of dog who participated in the game have been adopted into loving homes. Consider adding a gray muzzled pet to your family and remember to adopt not shop!

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