Parents Turn Bounce House Into A Ball Bit To Celebrate Their Dog’s Birthday

We love spoiling our pets. How far do you go for your special fur baby?

When it comes to our pets’ birthdays, there are few pet parents who miss a chance to celebrate their pets’ big day. Many of us find a way to make sure our fur babies feel a little extra special on their big day.

And that is exactly what YouTubers, Trev and Chels, did when their golden retriever’s fourth birthday came around.

Photo: YouTube/TmarTn2

The pet parents didn’t waste time in pulling out all the stops for their pooch’s big day. The couple went ahead and ordered a bouncy house for their dog Cooper, and then they filled it full of plastic balls.

It was every dog’s dream birthday party! Cooper was in “ball heaven” as he leaped into the bouncy castle and jumped around, playing with the hundreds of plastic balls inside. The pet parents knew that they nailed this birthday gift.

Photo: YouTube/TmarTn2
Photo: YouTube/TmarTn2
Photo: YouTube/TmarTn2

As they shared in a video, “We always say you can tell how good a day it was by the length of the tongue. Looks like we got a pretty lengthy tongue.”

Watch Cooper have the time of his life in the video below:

What do you think of this happy little pup? Would you do this with your dog? Let us know!

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