Dog Best Friends Shows Us What True Friendship Really Is

Monica and Chandler, not referring here to our favorite television couple, are two dog best friends that show an undying devotion for each other. According to the Huffington Post, Annie Hart was in East Los Angeles when she was looking for two white dogs that had been abandoned and wandering throughout the neighborhood.

The two were inseparable and Hart, who founded the Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization Rescue from the Hart, worked with them to help her gain their trust. Hart told the source that Monica was more skittish and fearful than Chandler when she first found them. She also said Monica would warn Chandler to stay away from humans any time they were nearby. 

"Chandler is very dependent on Monica and takes his cues from her," Hart told The Huffington Post in an email. "As soon as he saw that she was in the trap, he came over to make sure she was okay and that we weren't going to hurt her. And seeing that this was the case, he quickly offered himself up to be rescued as well. He really did want to make sure he got to go wherever she was going."

When they were first rescued, both dogs suffered from an intestinal infection and severe flea and tick infestations. Monica and Chandler are currently living with a foster family. Hart told the source that both canines are doing well, and they love having each other by their sides. 

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