Adorable Dog Uses Her ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ To Get Pats

The phrase, “puppy dog eyes,” is a thing for a reason. It’s just so hard to resist their adorable faces when they’re begging!

Dogs of all sizes and breeds know just how to use their big eyes and adorable pouts to work their way into our hearts (and often onto our dinner plates!).

For some dogs, all they want is a little love and attention and they know how to use their puppy dog eyes to get it. One little Yorkie has mastered her begging face and knows just how to use it to her advantage.

Photo: TikTok/oliveirapets

In a TikTok video shared by @oliveirapets, you can see the adorable little dog sitting by her owner’s feet. She starts using her puppy dog eyes to get his attention, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

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She eventually nuzzles her head onto her owner’s feet and offers his legal couple of paws.

Photo: TikTok/oliveirapets

With a little more begging, her cute face won over and her owner uses his foot to give her some pats on the head – which seemed to be exactly what she was after.

Photo: TikTok/oliveirapets

Watch the adorable video below:

She’s one dog that knows how to work with what she’s got! How cute!

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