Dog Uses “Puppy Dog” Face To Beg His Owner For Food

Just because they’re cute and cuddly doesn’t mean they’re not capable of robbing us blind. I’m talking about dogs and their mastery of the art of begging.

I swear, dogs are experts when it comes to getting us to give in and feed them. Of course, if this doesn’t work they’re not above using deception as a means of getting what they want. And we’ve all seen the videos of conniving canines stealing food from countertops and tables.

But for the most part, if a dog has mastered the begging face, then they’ve pretty much written their own ticket.

Miniature Doberman
Photo: Pixabay/hhorakova

No more having to resort to cheap theatrics to get a morsel out of their humans. All they need to do is turn on the proverbial doggie water works with the saddest eyes ever and a snack is theirs. It worked in my family, and it looks like it works in Lulu’s family as well.

Lulu is an adorable little pint-sized pooch who has got the acting chops to back up her success as the world’s most adorable table-side beggar.

Begging Dog
Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

There is no way anyone could ever say no to her. Based on the video, we can completely understand why. She doesn’t just sit and stare at her owner until he gives her something.

She actually sits beside him and tilts her head every time he puts the forkful of food in his mouth. How can anyone say no with such cuteness overload sitting right beside them?

Dog Begging
Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

As her owner has shared, “Lulu is a skilled beggar when it comes to food. Her technique has a 100% success rate.”

Check out the ridiculously adorable Lulu put her acting skills to good use:

What do you think of Lulu’s begging skills? Does your dog know how to pull at your heartstrings to get what they want? Let us know!

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