Miracle Dog Fends Of Mountain Lion And Survives For 2 Weeks In The Forest

Jack Trout has seen all sorts of things during his many years as a fly-fishing guide in California, but most of the animals he finds are of a piscine variety.

That changed when a Trout’s client noticed a dog during a fishing expedition on the upper Sacramento River. The wounded animal was lying in the grass above the rocky riverbank and was covered in cuts. But most alarming of all was the dog’s mangled tail, which had been almost entirely severed from his body. This led Trout to believe the dog had probably been attacked by a mountain lion.

Photo: Facebook/Jack Trout

“He was desperate,” Trout told KRCR, recalling the dog’s sorry state. “He was very dehydrated, very malnourished. He looked like he had been out in the forest for maybe 10 days … two weeks … and he had all these scars over his face and his head.”

Photo: Facebook/Haven Humane Society

Trout rushed the wounded dog to the animal hospital, but medics wouldn’t see the critically injured animal without charging his rescuer an obscene fee. So the California man took Simon back to his house, where he gave the dog food, water, and pain medications leftover from his own dog’s paw surgery while they waited for help to arrive.

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Fortunately, this brave dog’s luck was about to change. When Shasta County Animal Control finally arrived, officer brought the wounded dog to a different vet who operated on his broken tail. Then the dog — who turned out to be named Simon — was surrendered to Haven Humane Society, which posted their furry patient’s picture on Facebook and happily located his owner.

DOG FOUND & OWNER WAS NOTIFIED!Missing dog from Lakehead, California. He answers to Simon. If you’ve seen this boy please message us so we can help get him home.

Posted by Haven Humane Society on Saturday, August 1, 2020

Jack Trout is just happy everything worked out for Simon, and that he happened to be working the river that day. “I’ve found a lot of things out on the river over 27 years, but this was the greatest reward ever to hear that this dog made it back home after fighting off a mountain lion,” the guide said. “I’ve never heard of a dog beating a mountain lion, ever, out in the forest. So, this is truly a miracle and a tribute to a dog that wanted to fight and live and made it back to his owner.”

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