Dad Gave His Puppy $5 To Stop Barking And Can’t Get It Back

In the summer of 2021, Jamie Fenn and her partner Atwood Cohoon Gallego welcomed a new addition to their little family: a 6-month-old Australian shepherd they named Dipper!

Dipper is training to be an autism service dog “to help with sensory overload and social stresses” for Gallego, and the two have already built a strong bond.

Still, as an Australian shepherd with boundless puppy energy and the breed’s signature eager-to-please personality, he’s got a lot to learn!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But one training moment didn’t quite work as the couple expected — and it all started when Dipper was up late at night barking!

As a joke, Gallego offered him $5 “to stop barking.” Recognizing a good deal when he saw it, Dipper grabbed the bill in his mouth and didn’t let it go!

Photo: TikTok/dippertheaussie
Photo: TikTok/dippertheaussie

“I don’t know what he expected to happen 🤣” Fenn captioned the video, which racked up nearly one million views on the site. “You’re not getting that back,” she can be heard saying, laughing as Dipper adorably guards his treasure. I wonder what he plans to spend it on?

The couple has a lot of fun and companionship to look forward to as he grows into his role as a support dog.

For his part, Dipper is already making them laugh and spreading joy to their followers on social media as well. Keep up with Dipper and his adventures on Instagram or TikTok!

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