Family Tracks Their Little Dogs In The Funniest Way Possible

When you have a little dog in the house and you also have company, it can be difficult to keep an eye on them.

That was a problem that Layla Tucker recently had when her two tiny Chihuahuas were suddenly sharing their home with many others during a large family gathering.

In order to keep track of the dogs, they tied balloons around them. Even though the dogs were at ground level, the balloons were always visible.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The funny thing is, it made for the most hilarious video that you get to see below.

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Ricky Ray is one of the Chihuahuas that, according to Tucker, thinks he is a Great Dane. He protects his mother and if any other dog gets close to her, he will charge without fear.

Photo: TikTok/laylatuckermusic

Even though Ricky Ray only has three teeth, and weighs about 4 pounds, he is fearless. Then again, he’s a cuddle bug when it comes to the family.

Laila’s family was together for a birthday party and they were in a strange house that they had rented. It was an unfamiliar space for the two little Chihuahuas and they were worried that Ricky Ray and Petrie would get lost. That is when they came up with the brilliant idea to tie balloons around them.

Photo: TikTok/laylatuckermusic

If they wanted to see the two little dogs in the room full of people, all they had to do was look for the balloons.

Some dogs would be annoyed by this, but Tucker said that her dogs didn’t seem to mind the balloons. The dogs weren’t moving around very much and they weren’t going very fast. Above all, the balloons kept them safe and people knew they were there so they didn’t get stepped on.

Check it out below:


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