Dog Seen Attached To The Outside Of An RV During Scorching Heat Wave

Heather Peters was out and about when she saw an RV. While that’s not unusual in and of itself, what was attached to the outside of the RV was horrible.

The driver had attached a dog crate to the rear of his RV and put his dog inside of it for the drive. Not only was the dog at high risk of injury and death from a fender-bender, but the scorching hot weather threatened heat stroke.

Photos of the animal and RV spotted in Abbotsford, British Columbia were posted on social media for others to see, and Heather encouraged everyone to report them. Temperatures that day soared to 107 degrees.

Photo: flickr/Heather Peters

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Photo: flickr/Heather Peters

“I saw the crate and I said to myself, ‘Oh dear God, please don’t let there be a dog in there,” Peters said when she spoke with CTV News about the incident. Of course, we already know the answer to that. “So I pulled over to the side and I looked and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a dog.’ And he’s panting, his tongue was sticking out the side, panting like crazy, looking at me,” Peters continued.

“I am so pissed off right now to witness this is horrible I can’t imagine anyone to do this to there dog in this Heat…please if you see this person on Highway 1 East bound Report him…I did…the dog didn’t look good…” she shared on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Lisa Bohn
Photo: Facebook/Lisa Bohn

She took pictures, followed the RV, and contacted the police. Lisa Bohn also saw the RV and dog and shared photos to Facebook. Lisa Bohn tried engaging with the driver, but she shared with CASTANET, “He would not acknowledge us. His eyes didn’t even shift towards us. At that point, I was like, he knows what he’s doing. He wasn’t even flinching. If someone was doing that to me, I would look.”

Thankfully, the RCMP located the dog and it’s currently doing well. It’s unclear if the dog was confiscated from the owner, but authorities are currently working to determine the charges to bring against its owner for the cruelty.

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