Woman Left Baffled When Dog Asks Her A Question

Dogs never cease to amaze us, and they also surprise us from time to time.

Lucy (TikTok user @_lucy_webb_) got a surprise of a lifetime from her dog when he seemingly asked her a question!

Photo: TikTok/@_lucy_webb_

Lucy regularly hops on TikTok to share videos of the latest beauty and fashion trends.

While filming an outfit of the day video, however, her dog completely caught her off-guard when he asked what sounded like a question!

Photo: TikTok/@_lucy_webb_

“I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute,” she captioned the video, which was uploaded back in August of 2021.

In the clip, Lucy can be seen posing for the camera and checking herself out from different angles when her dog walks in behind her. She turns to face the dog and suddenly, he barks out, “Where are you going?”

Photo: TikTok/@_lucy_webb_

The question is so clear and even uses the proper inflections! Lucy is left baffled for a moment, as she stares at her dog in disbelief.

You can watch the hilarious moment below:

@_lucy_webb_ I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute @carlainquarantine 😭❤️ #SHEINcares #VirginMediaSpeedMC #fypシ #malamutes #malamutesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Lucy

Has your dog ever “talked” before like that? Let us know!

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