Dog Asks Permission Before Running To See Grandma And Grandpa

As a kid, we always envied the people who are able to live within walking distance of their grandparents’ house. For us, the trips were always fun but they would take longer than we would have liked.

There’s just a special excitement about going to see the grandparents that cannot be matched and one dog knows just how true that is.

Unlike us, the lucky pup has things much sweeter. Their grandparents live right next door, so there is no need to worry about carving out a few days to take the drive or schedule a flight.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

The best part for this dog is that they are able to go pester their grandparents whenever they want. Of course, there is one major caveat here. He has to get permission from his parents first.

The dog’s owner lets him know under no uncertain terms that he is free to go whenever he likes. “Go ahead, I’m giving you permission,” she says in the video below.

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Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

Unlike most dogs who would have already vanished and left a trail of wind behind them, he seems to be hesitant. He’s clearly not sure if this is some sort of trick but Mom doesn’t seem to be fooling around.

From the looks of the video, our pal just needed a little bit of added reassurance. “Are you sure it’s okay, Mom? No kidding?” the dog seems to be asking.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

Once he’s gotten the confirmation that he needed so badly, it does not take long before he is off and running.

Watch the adorable moment below:

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