Rottweiler And Toddler Jump On The Trampoline Together

The bond that exists between a dog and its person is unlike any other. But no one knows just how powerful and special the dog-owner bond can be, quite like children.

Dogs and kids are like macaroni and cheese. They’re the perfect pairing, which is why we often see the internet flooded with adorable videos of dogs and kids playing together in perfect harmony.

One adorable video happens to show a Rottweiler having a blast playing on the trampoline with his 3-year-old Buddy.


Kona and Alex were caught on camera living their best lives together as the pair enjoyed jumping up and down on the family’s trampoline.

The dog was all excited barks as his tiny owner bounced up and down while encouraging him to play along.

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At one point, the pup even manages an elaborate flip of his own! Quite impressive! It’s hard to tell which one is having more fun.

Photo: ViralHog
Photo: ViralHog

In the video’s caption, Alex’s parents shared, “Alex is our 3-year-old daughter and she loves to jump on the trampoline with Kona, our 2-year-old Rottweiler. Kona is super sweet with Alex and is her best friend. They always are looking out for each other.”

Watch the happy pair in the clip below:

What do you think? Does your dog like jumping on the trampoline? Let us know!

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