Dog And Sheep Play An Adorable Game Of Hide-And-Go-Seek

Annabelle and Boomer may not seem to be the likeliest of friends but they have struck up quite a kinship.

Annabelle might be a sheep, but don’t tell her that! She has convinced herself that she is actually a dog and it’s too cute. Who wouldn’t want to live as the doggies do? Their lives seem so fun and carefree, and that’s exactly how Annabelle is.

Photo: YouTube /ChickensintheRoad

She’s the bounciest, liveliest sheep we’ve ever seen and she knows how to keep up with her dog friend Boomer!

When Annabelle’s pal Boomer stops by for a visit, she immediately comes to life and these two start to play like they have known each other for decades. So, what game do a sheep and dog play together? Tag, of course!

Photo: YouTube /ChickensintheRoad

In the video, Annabelle can be seen bouncing and hopping all over the place, trying to keep up with Boomer whose running circles on her.

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Photo: YouTube /ChickensintheRoad

Boomer runs behind a structure and Annabelle bounces along after him. It’s too cute for words! We wouldn’t have pictured a sheep and dog being such good friends, but these two clearly have an unshakable bond.

Watch them in action in the video below:

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