Dog Argues Back When Baby Throws A Tantrum

Dogs and babies have such a hilarious dynamic.

There are tons of videos of kids and dogs being the best of friends and getting into all sorts of mischief together. But some od the videos are just downright adorable, and these two are no exception.

Photo: YouTube/Tyler Rockwood

One dog, Pele, has quite a bond with his favorite tiny human, Zoe.

The little baby can be very fussy sometimes – as babies often are – and Pele has the cutest reaction of sympathy.

Photo: YouTube/Tyler Rockwood

As it turns out, whenever the baby cries, the little pooch howls.

Check out the sweet video down below:

According to ABC 7, Tyler Rockwood, who is the mom to both, has shared that both Pele and Zoe seem to have their own language and understanding with one another, something that often leads to the two of them having little arguments together.

Photo: YouTube/Tyler Rockwood

Both of them “arguing” together is the most adorable sight ever.

Check out the other video of these two in the second video down below:

What do you think? Does your baby get along with your dog? Let us know!

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