Celebrate The Upcoming Christmas Season With An Advent Calendar For Your Dog

Halloween has nearly passed us by, and while the spooky season may be about over, I’m still on high alert. Every year, once I let my guard down, the sound of sleigh bells and carolers subtly sneaks its way into the background, and then suddenly it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I don’t really mind, of course — I’ve always loved Christmas and the holiday season in general. It’s a time to cozy up with your loved ones, be they family, friends, or four-legged furballs.

If you’re counting down to Christmas and want to let your pet in on the fun, boy have I got some news for you.

Photo: Pixabay/Sven Lachmann

There are more options than ever to treat your dog this Christmas season with advent calendars — surprise them each day with a treat as you celebrate! While Think Dog by Delca has some of the most varied options, there is a surprising number of these products on the market. But where can you get them?

While you can get them from various online retailers, it seems like Costco is the place to be for deals on doggy advent calendars. There’s even a variety of options for large and small dogs, as well as allergy-friendly choices to boot! Check out this one shared by the @costcosisters:

Advent calendars traditionally count down to Christmas but have become a more varied and embellished custom in recent years.

From the aforementioned dog-friendly Advent calendars to their use as a memory aid for frontline workers managing Covid-19 test kits in the UK last year, Advent calendars are a symbol of anticipation and care!


“The advent calendars are a gift to show the team our appreciation, but come with the added benefit of helping them to track the days so they don’t miss a test,” explained Walnut Care at Home’s Managing Director David Weatherley in an interview with The Care UK.

Check out all the different options, from reusable to customizable, here!

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