Dog Adopts A Gosling With Her Litter Of Puppies

There is nothing quite as adorable as watching a dog with a litter of puppies.

That is, of course, unless you happen to be a dog living on a farm that also brings a gosling into the fold.

This is actually something that happened, and we have the opportunity to see it, thanks to Meaghan Madison.

Photo: flickr/Llima Orosa

She lives on a farm and talks about raising cattle with her followers on TikTok. Madison also loves her blue heeler, which she says is her “best friend.”

Recently, Madison uploaded a video on TikTok that showed her blue heeler with a litter of puppies. As you look closer, however, you see that there is a gosling in with them.

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As it turns out, the dog brought the gosling back with the rest of the litter and the little bird has now been adopted.

Photo: TikTok/meaghanmadison
Photo: TikTok/meaghanmadison

Even though the little bird tries to escape on occasion, the adoptive mother brings her back into the mix gently.

It’s amazing to watch the dog’s motherly love in action.


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