After Spending 200 Days At Shelter, Rescued Dog Finds His Perfect Home

Chuckie is a sweet and loving dog, even though humans haven’t done much to deserve his affection.

The rescued dog was saved from the side of a highway in Georgia, where Chuckie was first abandoned, then struck three times by cars as traffic whizzed past. Sadly, none of the drivers bothered to stop and help him. By the time Chuckie was rescued, the dog had suffered such serious wounds he’d experience permanent neurological damage.

Photo: Facebook/Dog Orphans Humane Society

“Chuckie had been struck by a vehicle three times when he was down in Georgia which caused neurological damage to his lower spine,” rescuers explained on Facebook. “Chuckie needs to be held up by the hips to go number two or else he sits flat or rolls over and makes a mess and can’t help it.”

Thankfully, Chuckie wound up in the care of Dog Orphans Humane Society, a non-profit, no-kill shelter based in Massachusetts. The dog’s injury may have led to euthanasia in a municipal shelter, but workers were determined to give Chuckie a second chance, even if it meant holding the dog up by his hips every time he needed to poo.

‼️WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU CHUCKIE‼️Chuckie is waiting for his foreve home!!!! Please share far and wide. This boy…

Posted by Dog Orphans Humane Society on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

But sadly, Chuckie’s injuries also deterred future adopters, who walked right by this sweet boy towards healthier pets without special needs. Shelter workers did everything they could to help Chuckie get adopted — but to no avail. Six months passed, and Chuckie was still at the shelter looking for his forever home.

“I’ve made TikToks of him, I’ve bought so many apps to make videos of him to show all of the bright sides of Chuckie versus his pottying issue,” the shelter’s assistant manager, Hannah Shenian, told WCVB Channel 5.

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Photo: Facebook/Dog Orphans Humane Society

Finally, after spending 200 days in the shelter, Chuckie finally found somebody eager to adopt him. “He’s just adorable,” Chuckie’s new owner, Taylor Dimmick, told the station. “If it wasn’t for this ailment, he probably would be gone just like that. He’s so friendly.”

Moreover, Dimmick, who’d spent months looking for the right animal, was specifically seeking a less adoptable pet who really needed a home. “It feels great. It was just what I wanted — to find a dog that nobody seemed to want that was passed up or kept bringing back,” he said. “So just to give the dog a loving home.”

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