Dog Owner Issues Warning After Pup Ingests Dangerous Substance On Her Daily Walk

Zelda is a spunky poodle/chihuahua mix who loves to go on walks. The 3-year-old dog is such an avid walker that she logs up to six miles a day around her neighborhood in San Diego.

But after one recent walk, the usually energetic pup began acting very strange.

“She began moving her leg erratically and it got more and more complicated,” Zelda’s owner, Roger Dunn, told CBS 8 San Diego. “She became very frightened.”

Photo: YouTube/CBS 8 San Diego

Dunn rushed Zelda to the vet, who observed the dog’s erratic behavior and began to develop a theory. This was confirmed after the vet gave Zelda a urine test.

“They screened her urine because they suspected she had some sort of drug effect,” Zelda’s owner said. “They found methamphetamine and amphetamine, two separate things.”

Photo: YouTube/CBS 8 San Diego

Zelda was given an IV drip and a sedative to help counter the drugs in her system. After more than 36 hours, Zelda was finally feeling better, although it’s unclear whether the tiny dog might suffer any long-term liver damage.

Meanwhile, Dunn posted about the incident on NextDoor to warn other dog owners about Zelda’s experience, but it was already too late. Several neighbors reported similar experiences after walking their dogs around the same neighborhood.

Photo: YouTube/CBS 8 San Diego

“Several people have replied their dogs have had a similar event happen so there’s reason for concern,” said Dunn. Zelda’s vet has also reportedly seen 4 similar cases over the past 3 days!

“In the years that I’ve lived here, as everyone on this block and these blocks will tell you, things have gotten considerably more hectic through the years,” the dog’s worried owner said.

Please be conscious of anything your dog eats or drinks outdoors, and contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog begins to act strangely after a walk.

Find out more about Zelda’s close call in the following video:

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