Pets Seeing Their First Snow Fall

Snow. There is nothing quite like it. Even if you “hate” snow, chances are the first snowfall of the year still brings a smile to your face. It’s gorgeous, pristine, quiet, and acts as a blanket for your yard. Whether you hate it or love it, there is something fun about snow, especially for kids who are seeing it for the very first time. The wonder in their eyes, the frosty rime building around them, and the sheer joy at tossing around near-weightless handfuls of snow. It’s a very special moment.

Pets on the other hand can have VERY different reactions! Some dogs can’t get enough, while some panic and never want to see it again. Even some cats love the stuff, although that’s a bit more rare. Luckily, we have a collection of a few of the best reactions pets have had to snow! So, grab a warm coat and some hot cocoa ’cause we’re going knee deep in some frosty white stuff.

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