Rescued Goat Is Annoyingly PERFECT!

Some are claiming that this rescued goat, named Ansel, is super annoying and maybe they’re right! But hey, he’s also full of personality and character, and is a hoot to be around. This clumsy, trouble-making charmer is sure to make you smile, even if you kinda want to scream too. LOL! Typical kid! HA!

Ansel was rescued from a farm where the animals were neglected. Sadly, a lot of animals are left to suffer because no one knows just how bad it really is. How devastating! But you can help! Keep a diligent eye out and always contact the authorities if you see animals being mistreated. They can’t do it for themselves.

Want to do more? I thought so! Here is a great way to help animals in need, from shelter pets to animals that need life-saving surgeries. Check out our programs! Isn’t giving the best feeling in the world! I think so too!

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