Abandoned But Now Rescued, Roo Picks Out Her VERY FIRST Toy!

Roo had a rough life with little to be happy about. That was until she was found and rescued. And then it got even better! Her foster dad fell so in love with her, he just had to adopt her. As soon as Roo came to live with him, he took her to a pet store so she could pick out her first toy. The happiness in her face says it all!

Roo is one of the lucky ones but so many aren’t. According to the ASPCA, of the 3.9 million dogs that wind up in shelters, just 35% are adopted. It’s a tragedy that more puppies are born every day who will not have the opportunity to become beloved pets. The overpopulation problem is real, but you can help stop it
by supporting spaying and neutering abandoned dogs!

I hope all pups, like Roo, find their forever homes. And fast!

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