A Pit Bull Puppy Was Too Scared To Eat Alone. See What This Vet Did To Put Her At Ease

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Veterinarians work hard to ensure our pets are happy and healthy. Often times they are more than willing to go beyond the call of duty and do whatever is necessary to improve the lives of our fur children.

Dr. Andy Mathis did exactly that.

A rescued Pit Bull puppy, who was so underweight and afraid, refused to eat. Instead of letting her work it out on her own, this veterinarian climbed into her cage and sat beside her so the two can enjoy a meal together. He even feeds her from his fingers. This doctor goes well beyond his job title because he cares. And that is why these two deserve a huge shout out (by sharing this video!)

Here’s to all the veterinarians and vet techs working to improve the lives of animals – you rock!

Would you have done the same thing for Graycie?

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