He Just Wants To Dance!

This pup loves his human, through and through, but what he loves most is when his human drums his favorite song. Watch as this pup goes absolutely crazzzzy for the beats. What a happy boy!

Does your dog have a favorite song? Mine does. She loves most music but her favorite song of all time is Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. It just makes her happy! What can I say, Paisley has great taste! Music is a great way to lift your spirits. Animals love it too, so long as it’s not too loud.

Did you like this video was pawsome? Good! Then you will LOVE this article about the cutest pug who loves to pose for the camera. He only has one eye but that doesn’t make him any less handsome! His name is Jack, the Pirate Pug. How fitting! I am in total love with this guy! He is so comfortable with himself. I wish we could all be a little more like Jack. What an inspiration! Click here to read all about him!

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