Rescue Dog Goes From Shy To Surf-Tastic!

Mia was super shy when she lived at the shelter. This little introvert wasn’t really eager to do much of anything. That is until… she got adopted! And then BAM! She became the amazing dog she is today. She loves to do everything with her human. But do you want to know what her most favorite activity is? SURFING! Yup! Check her out catching some waves (with life vest on always, of course). Isn’t she incredible?

So, what makes a shy shelter dog change into something like this? HAPPINESS! Along with security and lots of love. Getting your dog on a schedule helps too. That way they can always count on you being around, giving them their meals, and going for walks. Well, with Mia, walks are a little more wet and a lot more daring.

Being a pet parent is so much fun for us and them. But not all shelter dogs are as lucky as Mia. I wish they were 🙁 The statistics are scary. Especially for animal lovers like us. So, please spread the word about pet adoption. It’s super important and saves lives. Adopt, don’t shop!

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