Doctors Starting Research Trials to Learn More About Epileptic Dogs

Every year, 780,000 dogs are diagnosed with epilepsy, according to the Animal Health Foundation. Unfortunately, not much is known about the cause or how to treat the disease, which is why researchers are starting trials to learn more.

According to Portland NBC affiliate WCSH, the Food and Drug Administration is working with neurological veterinarians in a clinical trial to test a new compound. Researchers are currently looking for canines to study. The dogs participating will receive free diagnostic tests, evaluation, treatment medicine (or a placebo) and possibly up to $150 in gift cards.

How to tell if your dog is having a seizure
It's important to keep an eye on your dog in case it is exhibiting strange behavior. The telltale signs of a seizure are stiffening, paddling or kicking legs, along with impaired consciousness. Take notes of any episodes that include the date, time, duration and what part of the body was affected.

More information on the clinical trials can be found at the website called Help for Dogs with Seizures. To find out if your dog is a candidate, speak with your veterinarian or call 1-888-598-7125, ext. 207.

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