Dog Rescue Stories: Dobbie’s 8th Home is His Forever Home

I was in out and of seven homes before I ended up at the shelter one last time. Then, a local rescue organization called SAFE Bunbury saved my life and placed me in a loving foster home for 6 months. All of this happened before I was a year old.

Source: Positively Woof

Why did I get handed around, you may ask? Well, I was born into this crazy world without hearing. Yes, I am deaf. This means that I did not ‘listen’ and I found it hard to be trained, as my former humans did not know how to teach me without speaking.

Source: Positively Woof

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My foster mom, Rosie, had two other dogs and lots of land for us to burn our energy on. She took me to puppy school, mainly for socialization. Then, one day while at puppy school, my future mummy met me for the first time. She was unsure about dogs but has a good heart and loves to help in time of need. Ultimately, she needed a friend and I needed someone to love me unconditionally.

Source: Positively Woof

Mummy fell in love with me at first sight (or perhaps after I licked her to death)! Nevertheless, she visited me over the next two months to be absolutely certain that we got along.

She introduced me to the other dogs I would share my forever home with to make sure I was social and could be trusted. She also introduced me to baby humans, too, who I love.

Source: Positively Woof

I’ve now spent two years with my mum and we have done a lot together; camping, beach trips, river swims and of course, lots and lots of playing! People are shocked when they find out that I am deaf because I am such a good, well mannered boy.

I know I really got my last chance and I am forever grateful that I didn’t have to go to heaven just because I could not hear. I urge any humans to give us ‘rejects’ a go — we will try our very hardest not to disappoint.

I’m a young boy full of excitement and love, I love any ball, all other companions and being a part of my human family. We recently went on my first road trip! Over 1,000km away and I loved it!

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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