Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Most people think that cats hate water. But is it true? We’ve investigated the popular myth to see if our feline friends really hate water or if it’s just a rumor.

Cats that live inside are not exposed to the elements. Just like people, they have learned to run from rain and avoid getting wet because it can make them cold and uncomfortable. When it comes to water indoors, cats are often not fans either. Does your kitty run when it hears the sound of the shower being turned on? Chances are it associates that sound with the possibility of being forced to take a bath.

For many cats (and their owners) it’s an unpleasant experience of forcing the kitty to get wet and wrestling it to stay still through a shampoo and rinse. Because indoor cats liken the sound of the shower to an unpleasant experience of being washed, your pet is likely to run from the area. However, a faucet can be fascinating for your feline friends, especially if it is running slightly or dripping. This creates a perfect toy for your curious critter.

Your cat’s breed affects whether or not it likes water. Several breeds are big fans of it, like the Turkish Van. This feline has also been called “the swimming cat.” The breed is from Turkey where temperatures frequently reach over 100 degrees. The cats take to the water to cool off and even catch fish for dinner. Maine coon cats, Bengals, savannahs, and Siberians also enjoy H2O.

Not all felines hate water. Just like people, kitties have personalities, and some like to swim more than others. Regardless of breed and origin, some kitties just love getting wet. They’ll hop into the sink and splash around or even join you in the bathtub for a swim. Let your cat visit you in the bathroom as you are showering and getting ready. It may surprise you and put its paw in the shower or roll around in the wet tub once you’re done. Let your cat experiment to see what it likes.

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