Rescue Dogs Have Their DNA Tested. Can You Guess What Their Results Will Be?

Adopting a dog is usually about love more than it’s about breed, or anything else. But sometimes we grow curious. We look at their ears, snout, and build. We speculate or we ask our veterinarians what they think, but often it’s just a guessing game.

Would you give your dog a DNA test to find out what breeds she’s “made up of?” I think the experience could be quite interesting.

Watch as rescue dogs find out all about their ancestors. Some results are quite a shock, while others are pretty evident without the saliva swab.

Always remember that no matter what breed your rescue dog is, she is always your dog. Your family member. Your furbaby! It doesn’t matter if she’s part Greyhound or part Miniature Poodle. All that matters is that you’re family! And she’s a BIG part of that. Regardless, the best breed in the world is a Rescue Breed! I know they’re my favorite breed in the world!

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