He May Look A Little Different But His Humans Think He’s The Cat’s MEOW!

Meet an exceptional cat that is breaking the mold! Dizzy was born this way and I think it makes him PURRFECT. Animals like Dizzy teach us that being a little different isn’t such a bad thing.

We normally expect things to be a certain way and when they aren’t, some of us have a hard time deciding if it’s okay. Whether it’s pleasing to the eye or not… Whether it makes us uncomfortable or not… Well, guess what! Being too comfortable prevents us from learning something. To grow, as people, we must always keep learning! And I love that animals like Dizzy can teach us some important lessons.

Animals with special needs are still worthy of loving homes. For the animals that are still in shelters, they need extra care. Here is a wonderful program called Blind Cat Rescue. They are doing INCREDIBLE things for worthy cats. To read more, click the link below. THANK YOU!

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