How To Make A DIY ‘Thundershirt’ For Dogs During The Fourth Of July

With the fourth of July right around the corner, many pet parents are starting to plan for the event and think of ways to keep their canine friends calm and relaxed during the fireworks.

Many dogs suffer anxiety when exposed to loud sounds like fireworks, gunshots, and thunderstorms, while other dogs suffer anxiety on a more regular basis like when their owners leave for work.

Either way, pet parents want their furry friends to stay calm and stress-free, but it can be hard to know what will work without seeking a veterinarian’s advice or medication!

Photo: Pixabay/Annie_Bananie42

As it turns out, many experts recommend trying anxiety vets before turning to medication or other methods. Anxiety vests, popularly sold under brands like Surgi-Snuggly and Thundershirt, help dogs feel more secure by applying pressure and weight to their bodies.

While there hasn’t been a ton of research on the effectiveness of anxiety vests, what little research has been done is promising. According to Wired, the vests also haven’t been shown to cause any adverse effects so it doesn’t hurt to try one!

Photo: Pixabay/Robert Jones

If you want to give a Thundershirt a try but you’re not ready to buy one for yourself, you can make your own DIY anxiety vest at home! There a few different methods you can try, including one laid out by

They use a technique that involves a scarf or strip of fabric that’s approximately 2-inches wide. To make the vest, they suggest the following instructions:

– Start by wrapping the middle of the fabric across the dog’s chest.
– Next, cross the fabric at the dog’s withers.
– After that, cross the fabric under the dog’s stomach and bring the fabric back up.
– Finally, tie the fabric on the back of the dog’s body away from his or her spine.

Photo: TikTok/@claudia.and.compawny

The dog may not enjoy being wrapped at first, so it’s a good idea to give yourself time to practice and get your pup comfortable with the technique.

TikToker @claudia.and.compawny also shared a way to make a DIY anxiety vest, but instead of fabric, she uses a stretchy bandage!

Check out her video below:

@claudia.and.compawny Anti-anxiety wrap for the win! 🐾 #happydogs #canineenrichement #enrichmentfordogs #dogenrichment #petsafety #4thofjuly ♬ CRAFT – OFEKNIV

“The goal is to wrap this around your dog’s body to help distribute pressure over their back and sides. This will apply gentle pressure and release endorphins that promote a sense of wellbeing,” Claudia explained in the TikTok clip.

Pet Healthcare Magazine suggests you only leave the wrap on for brief periods of time to avoid the dog getting used to it. If the dog wears a vest for too long, he or she could get used to it and the benefits could be lost.

Also, it’s important to make sure that the best isn’t too tight! Much like a collar, you want it to be snug but breathable.

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