How To Make A DIY Merry-Go-Round For Chickens

Perhaps it was the lack of eggs found in stores at the beginning of the pandemic or an increased ability for people to work from home, but since COVID plagued the world, more and more people began to raise chickens.

Having backyard chickens is nothing new, but it seems that the number of people attempting it has skyrocketed in the past two years alone.

Like with owning any animal, it’s important to provide chickens with everything they need to be healthy, happy, and comfortable.

Photo: Thomas Park

It seems that people are really getting creative with ways to care for their pet chickens, and that’s seen perfectly with the DIY merry-go-rounds that owners are making for their birds.

The merry-go-rounds are made from bicycle wheels and they’re super easy to put together. All you have to do is attach the wheel to something sturdy that allows it to spin, like a piece of lumber or a stump.

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People have been sharing the merry-go-rounds on social media, and it just goes to show how far some people will go to care for their pets. Shelly Collins shared photos, saying, “I swear I have some spoiled rotten chickens.”

Merry-go-round for the ladies ✔️ I swear I have some spoiled rotten chickens 😂🐔😂

Posted by Shelly Collins on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Julie Ann Sanderson also hopped on the bandwagon for her chickens:

Posted by Julie Ann Sanderson on Saturday, April 10, 2021

Posted by Julie Ann Sanderson on Saturday, April 10, 2021

You can see chickens using the fun DIY contraptions in the videos below:

Chicken Merry Go Round

Posted by CincyChickens on Friday, April 23, 2021

Some people may be wondering, “Do chickens really need to be entertained?” The answer is YES.

While chickens are naturally great at entertaining themselves sometimes, they can get bored when their usual means of staying busy are not available. Chickens generally peck around in the grass for bugs to eat and that keeps them plenty entertained, but it’s not always possible for them to do this due to coop set-up or weather conditions.

Photo: Unsplash/Jesse Schoff

When they’re confined and unable to wander and peck for bugs, they can end up pecking at one another which can be problematic. As Backyard Chicken Coops explained, “When chickens have little to keep them amused, they will often turn to pecking at themselves and one another – an unhealthy habit that can cause feather loss, injury and animosity among your chicken flock.”

Providing them a fun toy, like a DIY merry-go-round, may solve that problem and keep them entertained and happy.

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